how to meet men who make you feel specialEver wondered how to meet men who can make you feel such a way that you don’t want to do anything but be with them 24/7? Well you are not alone as thousands of women looking for men worldwide are asking the experts the question of how to meet men who make you feel special.

Men are no different than women when it comes to wanting a good partner who is special.  They may be wired differently but inside they long for the same love and attention that women crave.  They just don’t advertise it or talk about it as much as women.

From the dawn of time men have been programmed to be the provider and remain strong and resilient to the effects of pressure.  However, this is not how all men want to be or strive to be. A lot of guys just want to be themselves and come home to a women who makes them feel wanted and needed.

Guys of today also like a women who is independent, intelligent and strong willed so they don’t have to go out and beat the bushes looking for sustenance by themselves. A woman with a deep love of herself will be more attractive to a man than one who needs to be catered to.

With that in mind here are some great tips to women looking for men on where and how to meet men who make you feel special.

Take Care of Yourself First…

In order to learn how to meet men who make you feel special, you must believe you are special to begin with.  If you are struggling to believe that you are one special lady whom men will want to be with all the time, then you should focus on why you feel that way.

Start to question your mindset and life habits in order to determine where this form of depression is coming from.  You need to get a handle on what it is that is making you feel this way before men will see you as the special woman you want them to see.

Are you eating healthy and getting the proper amount of exercise?  These two very important aspects of life are necessary for a healthy lifestyle and proper mindset. Even if you are only walking around the neighborhood for a few minutes every day, it will make a difference to your energy level.

Sitting around all day or for any length of time will drain you of all your positive thoughts and ambitions.  So get off of your butt and get moving to increase confidence in yourself which will lead to happiness with who you are.

Work on Your Appearance…

It won’t matter what body type category you fit into as long as you make yourself look and feel great. By dressing in clothes that enhance your look and make you stand out from everyone else around you, you will attract men who want to be with you.

You will also find yourself in a better mood when you feel you look great and men will notice this also.  Your aura will attract them to you as they want to know who this fantastic attractive woman is that’s radiating happiness and confidence all over.

Remember, real beauty comes from within. But that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on your outside assets to look and feel beautiful also. Looking in the mirror and seeing you at your best not only gives you a sense of pride but also gives you the tools to show off your inner beauty.

The thing to remember about dating is, there are just as many different types of men looking for women as there are women looking for men, so by being yourself and not trying to be someone you’re not you will discover a man who likes the way you are and look.

Places to Meet Men Who Make You Feel Special…

How to meet men who make you feel special means that you will have to get out and start looking for them.  After all if they don’t know who you are they won’t be banging down your door asking for you.

Men like any other human being are creatures of habit. When they find something or someplace they like, or have to do or be, they do it a lot.  Most times they don’t even know they are doing it. It is just something they do instinctively based on their needs.

Try joining a volunteer group or organization that you feel passionate about. This will give you the opportunity to meet a man who has something in common with you and also has a passionate side.  After some time, you’ll also get to know his personality and whether he is suited for you.  Some great guys volunteer their time to worthy causes.

The next time you are shopping in your local grocery store pay attention to the regulars who also shop there and watch for a man who shows traits of what you like and is always shopping by himself. After studying him a while go up and ask for his opinion on a dish you’re making to get the ball rolling. He will no doubt have an opinion and probably some ideas on how to improve the dish.  Casually ask him if he’d like to join you to validate the dishes flavor.

If you like pets, check out some pet shows or events for singles with pets as that is becoming a popular form of dating recently. Most men who own pets show a caring for life and patience to succeed.

Your local bookstore or library is another great place for women looking for men. The men at these places tend to be more interested in current events and show a genuine interest in being happy and a lot of them come here looking for women also.  Be careful though as there are a few who figure they can find a one night stand sort of girl here.  They are usually near the magazine rack.  Another benefit some of the larger bookstores is a coffee shop where you can sit down with a man to discuss the books your both interested in.

Don’t overlook your church or faith organization if you’re a god fearing woman.  Men here tend to be looking for a partner for life rather than a casual relationship. Faith has a way of building stronger relationships and bonds.

Read through local newspapers looking for bingo, dances, neighborhood bbq’s or picnics, pub nights (karaoke etc), special events or anything else that catches your fancy.

Last but not least don’t be afraid to look online. There has been some fear over meeting weirdo’s on dating sites over the internet, but if you take your time and do the research on proper ways to do online dating, you’ll be alright. Always meet in a public place so you can have an out if he turns out to be in fact a weirdo.

To Sum it up…

Women looking for men and wanting to know how to meet men who make you feel special should always make sure their own life is in order first. Never be ashamed of who you are or how you look.  Instead do what you can to enhance your look to the best of your ability and put yourself out there. Not all men are looking for skinny anorexic super model body types. In fact, most men want a women who takes care of herself and believes in herself.

Change up your routine and go to places where you don’t normally go to look for men. This will open doors that you may not have seen in front of you before and provide you with great opportunities to finding a good man.

By being confident in who you are and believing in your beauty, you will attract men who will want you and make you feel special to keep you interested in them.

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