how to get him to see who you really areIf you are in a relationship with an occasionally inattentive man and want to know how to get him to see who you really are, you have to show yourself to him.  After all, he has probably become complacent with you or just needs a nudge in the right direction. Especially if you feel the relationship is a good one and you just want him to appreciate you more. To really help him become a stable part of your life you have to make him understand how special you are.  This is not complicated, but it may take some work on your part.  If you are looking for some tips on how to help you accomplish this goal, then here are a few helpful hints to consider.

Do something amazing…

Try to find a way to show him something that he has not seen.  Do something amazing that will make him look at you differently.  Try something new with him or suggest something new and exciting that he never thought you would be willing to do.  He will be completely shocked and see you in a new way.

Your man will find you amazing when you do the little things that make him happy so figure out what those are and try to do these things every now and then.  Buy him a book by an author that you know he loves or cook him his favorite meal.  It does not have to be anything expensive.  Just show him that you are thinking about him and you wanted to make him smile. He will reciprocate the gestures.


Even if you love him with all of your heart, you cannot smother him.  You have to give him space.  Remember, he had a life before you and he will continue to have a life with you.  It is not realistic to expect him to give everything up just because he is with you.  Give him his space when needed so that he can be with his friends and do the things that he enjoys.

Even though it might be difficult to keep in mind, he does enjoy doing things without you.  Use that time to do things with your friends and family.  It is healthy for both of you to be apart.  You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Just because your man wants space does not mean he is having an affair.  In fact, he may be more prone to do this if you are not giving him time to be on his own.  And no ladies, work does not count.

Be Yourself…

If you have been trying to be something that you are not in order to impress this man he will see it.  It will also be difficult for you to keep this up after a certain amount of time.  You will get tired of it.  You may even feel guilty because he does not know who you are.

Do you really want to worry about how things will play out once he knows the real you?  It is much easier to be yourself and make him fall in love with that person.  Be upfront with him about your life, your values, beliefs, etc.  This can help determine if you are compatible with him in the first place.


Exude confidence and stand up for yourself.  Doing so is a wonderful way to show him that you respect yourself.  This will also help him realize that you demand respect from him as well.  Women that struggle with confidence may have a tough time with relationships so if you have trouble with this then you need to start working on it.

Stand your ground when you know you should, with him and others.  Take care of yourself.  This is one of the easiest ways for you to be confident and feel good.  He will also appreciate it.  You may be shocked by how this can impact your relationship.


You man is going to have good days as well as bad. Just like you need someone to talk to, so will he.  It is very important to be a good listener.  It cannot be about you all of the time.  Listen to what he has to say when he is talking.  Show him that you are listening by stopping what you are doing and giving him eye contact.  Don’t judge him when he tells you what is on his mind.

Many men have a hard enough time sharing their thoughts and feelings.  You will shut him down if you are not able to listen and you judge him.  Support him when he needs it the most.  You may not understand why he is doing something a certain way but he is not asking you for advice or feedback.  He wants to know that you are standing behind him so give him support when he needs it.

To sum it up…

Evaluate your relationship and figure out what you want your man to see about you.  Are you kind and caring? Are you showing him these aspects of yourself?  Why was he attracted to you in the first place?  Are you showing him these attributes on a regular basis?  Many men will look for love somewhere else, or begin to pull away, if they do not feel appreciated and loved.

You can do these things by going out of your way to make him smile and by doing nice things for him.  Again, these are not things that have to be expensive.  Just put some thought into it so he knows you care.  Listen openly, without judging, and be there when he needs you.  Be yourself so that you know he is in love with you for the right reasons.

Your relationship will only end in disaster if you are fake and he realizes it.  There is no reason to prolong the inevitable so be yourself right from the start.  You will certainly be more relaxed when you are around him and you will not have to worry about him leaving you if you are not compatible because you will already know that you are.

Finally, showing a man the real you will begin with knowing who you are.  If you are not able to answer that question then you have to work on identifying who you are for yourself.  Then you will know how to get him to see who you really are and be able to show him.

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