Insights for Making Your Man Love You

16th October 2014 12:17 am

Are you with a man that you know cares for you but you long for more? Do you wish that you could do something to make a guy’s feelings for you deeper and stronger so that he loves you as much as you love him? You may not be able to force someone to love you—not that you’d want to anyway—but there are things that you can do to help a man’s feelings blossom into love. The following tips give you some insight into what men want and how to make a man fall in love with you.

Take it easy…

men don't like arguing or naggingMen want to be with women who are easy to be around. This means any behavior that implies drama, nagging, complaining is out of the question if you want to make him love you. Be easygoing around him and up for anything. Men are drawn to women who can go with the flow and don’t make a big fuss about any and everything. It never feels good to be around someone who is always tightly-wound or who complicates things and for a man to love a woman he needs to feel good around her, which brings us to the next point…

Make him feel good…

A guy will find it a lot easier to fall in love with someone that makes them feel good. Along with being easy to be around, guys are attracted to women that make them feel good about themselves. This doesn’t mean you need to go overboard on the compliments, but stroking his ego a little by showing your appreciation and admiration for him and what he can do is a definite must when it comes to how to make him love you. Tell him he looks good once in a while, praise him for something he’s done, and let him know that you appreciate him and the things he does for you. It’ll make him feel good and he’ll love the way he feels around you which is a big part of falling in love.

Use those feminine wiles…

Any blue-blooded man can’t help but be aroused and intrigued by a woman who isn’t afraid to show off her femininity. Few men can resist but fall for a woman who knows how to get her flirt on, flashes a coy smile, and walks with a sexy strut. Dressing to play up your feminine curves also helps, which means showcasing your shape in form-fitting clothes that flatters your frame without being overtly sexy, or worse, trashy. And, you needn’t be a supermodel or stick figure to pull this off either! Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. That’s all it takes to look your best and confidence is what men want in a woman and a trait that all men find alluring.

Live your life…

Doing your own thing and living your life to the fullest makes you attractive from the inside out and makes you far more interesting to talk to and exciting to be around. Girls need to stop making guys and their love lives the center of their existence! Getting out and doing things gives you something to talk about and leaves him intrigued and wondering about you and your life. Spend time with friends, do things that make you happy, and don’t be one of those women who have so little going on in her life that she clings to men and acts needy. Men fall for women that enjoy life and all it has to offer and they also love a little mystery. It’s easier to keep some mystery when you’re not spending every waking moment with a guy.

Share an adventure…

There’s nothing like sharing an adventure or unique experience to bring two people together. Instead of going out on the usual date or doing things that you’ve done together before, try something completely different and exciting, like an adventure sport/activity like rock climbing or bungee jumping, or just hop in the car and head off for a day trip to a place neither of you has ever been. Sharing an entirely new experience with you will create a new bond and the more exciting it is the more feel-good chemicals will be racing through both your bodies to further enhance any attraction you feel for each other. Knowing that you’re up for adventure and fun is something that he’ll admire and want to have around for the long-haul.


Laughing is infectious and to a guy, having a girl he can laugh with is gold. Whether it’s being able to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously, or being happy laughing with him at even the most ridiculous movie or joke; a girl who can laugh is a keeper. He knows it and so do his friends who are sure to point it out. Sometimes girls try so hard to be attractive to a guy that they hold back and come off as too serious. There’s nothing wrong with letting him see you laugh. If you’re together, then enjoy the opportunity to laugh with him. If you’re not together, then let him see you enjoying a good laugh with friends or even yourself. Don’t worry about looking foolish; let go and laugh. It makes you look and feel good and you can bet that he’ll see that.

To sum it up…

Knowing how to make him love you is easy if you know what it takes to be lovable. Be someone that not only he, but others feel good around too. A woman who people love to be with is easygoing, not into drama, and relaxed. She’s confident enough in herself to be able to let loose and laugh and she’s kind, up for anything, and has her own interests. Being able to flirt and appeal to the manly-man in him by showing your appreciation for who he is and what he does is the icing on the cake.

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