How to Determine Whether a Man Really Loves You

5th August 2015 3:36 pm

whether he loves youIf you have been in a relationship for a while you may be trying to determine if the man really loves you or not.  This can be a complicated question and many women will not ask because they do not want to frighten the man away.  Regardless, you still want to know the answer.  The good news is that there are a few ways to determine whether a man really loves you or not.  Pay attention to how he describes the future and how many times you are involved in it.  Little things that he discusses about his future can speak volumes about whether a man really loves you or not.  Keep these little clues in mind the next time you are trying to answer this question.

Respect and honor…

Does he open doors for you?  Yes, men still do this for women when they are in love.  At least some of them do.  This is a sign of respect and it can also show love.  Does your man do this for you?

Holding Hands…

Will he hold your hand?  Is he doing this in front of others?  Some guys will hold your hand when you are alone but they will not do it in front of others.  You can determine if he really loves you if he will hold your hand no matter where you are.  It will show that he is not worried about what others think, or what they will say, because he cares about you no matter what.  Is he willing to introduce you to his family and friends?  Does he hold your hand in front of them?  Ask yourself these questions.


Snuggling often sounds like something women want to do but there are men out there that love to snuggle.  They will enjoy it a lot more if they are in love with you. It is a sure sign of affection and it shows that he wants to be close to you.  If you are not sure if your man really loves you or not you will want to think about how often he wants to snuggle.  Another sign of affection is eye contact.  Can he make consistent eye contact with you?  This may be a sign of love because he cannot take his eyes off of you.


Will your man buy you gifts just because he wants to? Does he buy you flowers of gifts frequently?  If he is doing these things then he loves you.  That is his way of making you happy.  It is also his way of showing you that he was thinking about you.  He does not need a reason to do these things or a special occasion.  He just does it because he cares about you.


If he tells you he loves you frequently then you can bet it is true.  He is not going to go out of his way to tell you this if he does not mean it.  He is telling you all of the time because he wants you to know just how much he cares for you.  Communication is very important and it goes beyond telling you that he loves you. Can he communicate regularly with you?  Does he want to tell you about his day or hear about yours?  These are signs of love and he would not ask if he did not love you and care about you.  Can he talk intimately with you?  This can be hard for men.  If he is doing this then he wants to share with you and this is his way of getting closer to you.


Will he attend events willingly that you like?  No one really enjoys doing things that they do not like.  However, when we are in love we will do these things to show this love.  The same is true for men.  They will be more willing to do the things that you love, even when they do not like it, because it shows you that they love you and that they want to make you happy.


Surprises go further than buying gifts.  In fact, when a man is in love with you he surprises you by cooking dinner or making life easier for you.  You may come home to find the house is clean or the dishes are done.  This may be really small but it helps you out and makes life easier for you.  It shows that he loves you and he wants you to be relaxed and at ease.  He knows that by doing these little things for you it will be possible for you to come home and relax.  The best part about these surprises is the fact that you did not have to ask or nag him to do them.  He just did them because he loves you.


Taking risks in life can be frightening.  He will be showing his love for you if he is willing to take them with you.  Is he willing to go to the end of the earth for you?  If he supports your decisions and does not pass judgment on you for making them it is because he loves you.

To Sum It Up…

It is easy to see that there are a number of ways to determine whether a man really loves you.  Keep in mind that your man may not do all of these things, or he may do more than this.  If he puts your feelings above his own, and he is going out of his way to show his affection, then it is safe to say that he loves you.  You simply have to be willing to accept it without questioning it.  Remember, some men have a hard time saying that they love you so they may need to show it instead.  Keep these things in mind the next time that you are trying to figure out if the man in your life loves you or not.  It might not be the way that you would show it but their actions can often speak louder than words if you let them.

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