How Can You Tell if A Guy Likes You: 6 Clues You Might be Missing

2nd June 2015 11:05 pm

how to get a guy to like youHaving trouble figuring out if a guy likes you? It’s torture, isn’t it; not knowing if he’s interested in you or not? Trying to read between the lines without jumping to conclusions is enough to drive a gal batty! A lot of this has to do with men and women expressing themselves differently. When a guy likes you he has his own ways of showing he’s into you, but his clues may be a little hard—more like Morse code—to figure out.

Guys have a lot of the same concerns that women do when they’re interested in someone. They worry about looking desperate and want to make sure they play it cool. Then there are also things like shyness and a lack of experience to contend with which can make reading his signals close to impossible. So how can you tell if a guy likes you when he’s not being obvious enough or sending mixed signals? Read on for 6 top clues that you might be missing.

He asks you questions…

When a guy likes you he’ll be interested in what you have to say and want to talk to you. Asking you questions, even seemingly pointless ones, is his way of getting to talk to you some more and learn more about you. If he’s shy or nervous, the questions may not exactly be the kind of deep and meaningful questions that will help him get to know you better, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if he’s asking then he likes you. A guy not interested can’t be bothered to ask questions or prolong a conversation.

He’s all about the “me toos”…

Sharing a common interest, or even pretending to, is one way that guys tend to show they like you. Pay attention when you’re having a conversation and look for the “me toos”. The funny thing about this is that he’s likely to say it for things that you’d never expect and possibly even things that he really has no interest in, just to try to hook you. If you tell him that you love foreign films and biscotti and he exclaims “me too”, then you’ve got one in-like guy on your hands!

He ignores you…

Seems a little counter-productive, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, guys can try so hard to “keep it cool” that they end up looking not just uninterested, but treating you like you’re a leper! This is especially the case when he is around his buddies. To know whether or not he’s playing disinterested as opposed to actually being uninterested is how often he looks at you while otherwise ignoring you. A guy trying to act like he “doesn’t give a damn” won’t be able to help but look at you for a reaction. Guys who do this around their buddies are also likely to come around and sing a different tune when you’re alone together and away from the eyes of your friends or his.

He looks away…

To look away he must be looking at you in the first place, right? Looking at you and looking away when you look at him are clues that he likes you. He looks away because he feels shy and nervous around you or because he’s trying to hide his interest, or both. A guy who’s uninterested won’t bother to look your way or simply look past you and trust me, you will know the difference.

He has mentionitis…

What’s “mentionitis”, you ask? It is what happens when a guy is interested in a woman and mentions her often and every chance he gets. If you have mutual acquaintances and he’s got a bad case of mentionitis, then chances are that it will come up in conversation that he mentioned you, even if in a way that seems pretty innocent. Think about how often the name of a guy you’re interested in comes up in conversation with your friends, even when the topic at hand’s got nothing to do with your crush? It’s the same for a guy who is interested in someone.

He finds a way to figure out your relationship status…

A guy likes you if he finds a way to figure out whether or not you’re single, even without actually asking you if you are. One sneaky way to find out if you’re taken is to casually ask if you live alone since that’s a great opener into whether or not you live with a boyfriend or are married. Some guys will imply that someone they saw you standing with/near is your man, like “Your boyfriend seems like a good guy”, or “will your boyfriend mind that I’m talking to you?”. If he’s managed a way to find out if you’re single even if he didn’t blatantly ask, then he’s interested.

To sum it up…

Guys will often use the same methods they did in elementary school if they like you, short of pulling your pigtails. They’ll try so hard to come off as calm and cool that they’ll give away their feelings if you know what to look for, which you now do.

If he likes you he’ll want to be around you and talk to you without trying to make it too obvious. He’ll do things that show that you’re on his mind, like talk about you to others, even if he doesn’t admit to being interested. When he does speak to you he’ll try to find common ground to make you see that he’s a good match. He’ll do what he can to keep on talking to you and be near you, even if he doesn’t actually speak the words that say he likes you. Just be patient and look for the clues I gave you to know if he’s into you.

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