You might think that attraction is all about the bust & butt with the guys but it’s not as simple or as clean cut as all that. Don’t get us wrong, a man will still be drawn to a woman with her goods in all the right places, but to keep him attracted is a whole other story and takes more than just physical beauty. Let’s breakdown what makes you attractive to him so that you can start playing your cards right.

Men are visual creatures…

sexy woman in a bikiniIn other words, guys are firstly attracted to a woman because of her looks—key word being “firstly”, which you will come to understand as you read on. It’s their main sense and this goes back to their creation when they had to use their eyes to search out animals to prey on for dinner, and to keep a constant watch for predators and other dangers. Women have a much deeper set of instincts which is why they use their other senses more. Women are emotional and want to talk – men are practical (most of the time) and are more focused on finding a solution to the problem. That’s why we sometimes see them as coldhearted and unemotional when all we need is a shoulder to cry on and they have little, if anything helpful or sympathetic, to say.

They have an aversion to drama…

If you’re constantly getting your back up—as many women do—about little things like his wanting to hang with the boys or preferring pizza and a Will Ferrell movie over a night at the ballet, that’s enough to stop his attraction dead in its tracks. A man is drawn to a woman who doesn’t make a big issue out of things and is easy to be around. Women who nag or complain too much, regardless of how beautiful they may be on the outside, will stop being attractive in a man’s eyes.

They’re attracted to confidence…

This may seem confusing as we started off discussing how men are visual creatures by nature who are very much aroused by appearance, but for men to continue to find a woman attractive, she needs to have some other goods to back it up. Nothing makes a guy take note of your beauty—inward and outward—like confidence. A confident woman will be able to hold his attraction on days she looks her absolute worst and long after her looks have faded. A woman who stands tall and believes she is a good catch will be able to make him see her as a good catch too and when she walks with pride, he too feels proud to be with her. Just remember that confidence and being proud of the person you are isn’t the same as being arrogant or full of yourself.

Independence can be a double-edged sword when it comes to his attraction…

If you are a clingy mess of a girl, all needy and wanting, you’re not going to be attractive to him. It’s not going to be attractive to any guy, really. A woman who has her life together and has her own interests is far more attractive to a man than one who spends every waking moment focusing on him and their relationship. Going back to their primal urges though; men are natural protectors and leaders who want to feel that they are needed to a degree. Being independent is a wonderful quality that men find sexy. Just be sure to throw him a bone once in a while and be open to his help and show him that you appreciate, admire, and respect the things that he does do for you. Be independent, but still open to accepting or even asking for his help every now and again to stroke his male ego.

Femininity is important…

Although a lot of guys find a girl that’s “one of the guys” quite refreshing and sexy these days, there is something to be said for femininity. In fact, there’s a lot to be said about it. Showing that you can let loose and hang with the guys will definitely score points, but when it comes to what makes you attractive to him; we’re back to that caveman in him. You know: man want woman! A man is attracted to a certain degree of softness, from soft curves to soft dressing and even a soft demeanor. A woman who plays up her femininity and isn’t so hung up on appearing strong that she loses some of that softness is very attractive to a man. Something to keep in mind before you spend night after night in your sweats, drinking beer and cussing away.

To sum it up…

The bottom line is—and I mean this in a sincerely good way—that men are still very much controlled by their primal instincts when it comes to attraction. They can’t help but be drawn to the visuals, like pretty girls, but need to have certain basic desires met in order to continue to see a woman’s physical beauty. By the same token, a woman that makes him feel good by treating him like a man, showing her admiration, and playing up her femininity can become far more attractive to him than even the prettiest woman in the room if she isn’t doing anything for all of the other things that are a part of the way attraction works for a man.

The way a man’s attraction works is very much the way your grandmother has probably always told you. We have long been told that men like their women to dress well, look good and not act too crude. They want a woman who doesn’t give it all away or make it too easy for them and allows them to be the man and chase. And they like women who know how to stroke their egos and make them feel good about themselves without being clingy or needy. They’re simple when it comes to love and attraction and are still attracted to the same basic qualities now that they’ve been since your grandma was a young woman looking for her Mr. Right.

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