Why Do Men Lose Interest In You During The Relationship

16th October 2014 12:17 am

Why do men lose interest in you? This is a common question a lot of women ask themselves when trying to figure out where their man’s mind is at sometimes. Your self-esteem can take a real beating when a man loses interest in you.

How many times have you dated a guy who seemed to be as into you as you were into him only to have him stop calling? Or maybe you’ve had the kind of relationships that start off with romantic dates and nights of passion that quickly turn to nights of him sitting in front of the television while you’re practically begging for his attention? You deserve more and getting it starts with understanding why men lose interest so you can do something about it.

You’ve made it all about him…

why do men lose interest in youWomen love to eat, sleep, and breathe love, so when a guy comes along and they start dating, it isn’t long before she’s all-consumed and giving him all of her time and attention.

Lovely as that may be at the start, it doesn’t take long at all for a guy to walk—run, really—the other way. Why? There are a couple of reasons with the first being that too much attention too soon can make him feel smothered.

The other thing it makes him feel is bored. When you stop doing other things so you can focus all of your attention on a guy and make him the center of your universe, it takes away a big part of what gets and keeps a man interested: the thrill of the chase. And, when you don’t have much else going on, you tend to run out of interesting things to talk about. Boring!

You’ve let yourself go…

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’ve gone and gained twenty pounds or anything, but we do tend to get comfortable when we’ve been with someone a while. Feeling like you can be comfortable being yourself around a man is great, but keep putting forth the same effort and enthusiasm that you did at the start of the relationship.

If you’ve gone from dressing up and smelling pretty for your time together to wearing your “comfy” pants and barely running a comb through your hair when you see him, then how can you even ask why do men lose interest? If you want to know how to make a guy want you for the long-term, then keep giving him something to want so he doesn’t lose interest!

He doesn’t feel like “The Man” anymore…

Not to be a smart-ass, but men are very much like caveman in the sense that their primal desires haven’t changed. When we get to the bottom of it all, a man still very much wants to feel like The Man in the relationship. He wants to feel needed by his woman and know that she admires him and what he does.

Women have become far more independent over the years and many find it hard to let a man take charge or take care of them in any way. When you strip a man of that feeling of being admired, needed, and in charge, he will lose interest in you and the relationship and in time will look for someone who won’t insist on taking charge and who will make him feel good about himself like you no longer do.

He’s lost that lovin’ feelin’…

Yes, it’s harsh but true, but men start to lose interest in women when they start to fall out of love with them. It may be that you’ve grown apart or perhaps that he wasn’t really in love to begin with and whatever attraction was keeping him around has dwindled. Whatever the reason may be, if he is not in love with you and you are in love with him, then you may just need to let him go for someone who will love you.

You talk too much…

You’re probably guilty of it as so many are—sharing too much. Not knowing every last thing about you keeps an air of mystery in the relationship that men are naturally drawn to. It’s part of the chase that we talked about earlier. Not knowing every last detail about you and your life keeps him wanting and working to know more.

Whether it’s your first date or your tenth year together; a bit of mystery goes a long way in keeping a man interested. Resisting the urge to detail every moment of your day or your past is a must if you don’t want a man to lose interest in you.

You’re acting more like his mother than his lover…

You might immediately think that by acting like his mother I mean telling him what to do and nagging him, but that’s actually just a small part of it. Any behavior that makes him feel as if he is being treated like a child is a huge turn off and will quickly cause a man to lose interest in a woman.

This includes: nagging and telling him what to do, coddling him, talking to him in baby talk—an annoying but common thing that a lot of girls do. This behaviour may come from a combination of wanting to care for someone and show them your love, but it’s not what men want from their lovers. It makes them feel emasculated and gets them thinking about the last person they want on their minds when getting “romantic”, if you get my drift.

To sum it up…

Instead of asking “why do men lose interest?” ask instead “what am I doing to keep him interested?” Chances are you’ll be able to spot at least some of what you’re doing wrong. The bottom line is that men want to be with women who make them feel special, admired, and attractive while also remaining a bit of a mystery.

A man has an instinctive longing to have to work for what he gets and that comes into play in his relationships too. Leave him guessing a little and make him put forth the effort to earn you and your affection. He wants to feel like he is with a woman who is worth working for. Show him that you are.

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