Learn How To Talk To Men

24th December 2014 11:16 pm

learning how to talk to men Talking to men does not have to be complicated.  It can actually be very easy if you know what you are doing and follow a few simple steps.  If you have been uncomfortable in the past, and you are not sure where to start, you will want to begin by keeping it simple and entertaining. Where are you both at? What is he wearing? Is he by himself or with a group of others? Paying attention to the details in the surroundings and reading him for signs will give you all the ammunition you need to have a general conversation which will enable both of you to feel comfortable and proceed further with getting to know each other. After all, your conversation could make a lasting impression and land the guy of your dreams.


When you are talking to a man for the first time it is very important for you to learn as much as you can about him. This will allow you to figure out what makes him tick and how best to not bore him with irrelevant topics or details. Men are not as good as women at reading facial expressions or emotions so patience is key. Determining the questions to ask as guy does not have to be complicated if you just think about it.  Find out what he does for a living or where he lives. If you are able to find out what interests him you will know if you have similar interests.  This can help you determine if you are even compatible with him.  All of these questions also show an interest in who he is, and that will make him more attracted to you also.  There are fun questions to ask him as well.  These could include his fondest memory or where he spent his summer vacations.  These questions can help take the guess work out of trying to determine what to talk about with your man.  You can also learn a lot about him from these answers.

Pick Up Lines…

talking to your man to lighten the moodThat is right.  Pick up lines are not just for guys.  There are pick up lines for girls and they are not difficult to remember.  You could start by asking the man if you saw him in GQ.  Brushing up against a man and telling him that he looks familiar can work as well.  Try something fun like telling a man that you were considering introducing him to a friend but you do not want to be generous. Any of these will work and they are easy to remember.  Go through some of them in your mind so that you do not seem creepy or weird.

Getting Him to Talk to You…

Learning how to get a guy to talk to you is not difficult at all if you put yourself in the right place at the right time.  Finding out how to get a guy to talk to you is all about timing and place.  It will be a big benefit if you try to hang out with some of the same people that he does.  Also, be sure that you do not sound flaky.  If you are continually playing with your hair and worried about your appearance you might seem shallow.  Try to avoid these things if they are habits for you.  It may take practice and that is acceptable.  You do not want him to be irritated each time that he talks to you so work on the annoying habits that you might have.  Practice in a mirror because you might have some habits that you were not even aware of.


It is always nice to make your man smile.  If you are going for this reaction, and you want to show him you care, you will want to find some cute things to say to your man, or sweet things to say to him.  Try telling him that you have enjoyed getting to know him because you know that he is the best.  Maybe you could tell him that the day you met him was the best day of your life.  Sometimes, if you are new in the relationship, simply telling him that he is the best can be a great way to make him smile and show him your sweet side.  It also shows him that you appreciate it.

Asking Him Out…

How many times have you wanted to know how to ask a guy out?  This can be frightening.  However, it is a lot easier if you have a plan.  If you select the time and place and also practice in advance you will become less frightened.  It is also recommended that you have a date in mind.  Simply asking him to a movie, or to try a new restaurant, can be less stressful.  It will appear like you are just looking for someone to hang out with and you may find that the possibility of being rejected will be lessened because he will not feel obligated or cornered. You will know that he said yes because he wants to.  Try to remember that he may say no and be prepared for this as well so that you do not appear crushed if that is his answer.  It may be easier for you if you ask him to go out with you and some of your mutual friends.  While this may not be what you originally wanted, it could be a start.

To sum it up…

As you work on learning how to talk to a man you should practice.  Think ahead and plan your moves.  Try to consider where you will be and what your approach will be if you find a man that you want to talk to.  If you have a man in mind then you should preplan your conversation.  Think about where you will see him at and what the atmosphere will be like.  Are you able to get him alone?  Do you want to ask him out or just learn more about him?  Those individuals that are really nervous may want to practice in the mirror.  Take note of any things that you do when you are nervous that you might need to work on eliminating.  Try to smile a lot.  Be aware of awkward pauses or words that you might use all of the time.  The more you practice the more natural it will become to you and you will learn how to talk to men.

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