Is Sex Texting Good for Your Relationship

10th June 2015 1:21 am

Is Sex Texting Good for our RelationshipSex texting, or sexting as the kids are calling it, can be seen as good and bad depending on who you ask. And with sexting becoming ever more prominent in our world, you can’t help but wonder if it’s a good for your relationship.

While no one else can decide what’s right for you and what does or doesn’t go against your morals, there are some definite benefits to enjoying some sexy texting with your significant other. So, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to let those digits loose on the phone for some sexy play, consider these benefits and see how good sex texting can be for your relationship.

The Benefits of Sexting in Relationship

Uninhibited Communication…

Let’s face it; talking about our sexual wants and needs isn’t always easy, even if you’ve been together for a while. Sex texting makes it easier for you to say or ask for the things that you might otherwise be too shy or hesitant to when face-to-face. Texting gives you the opportunity to shed your inhibitions and get as naughty as you like. It also gives you the time to think about what you want to say before you say it, not to mention the option to edit as needed before sending it out there for him to read. How many times have you tried to talk about your fantasies only to clam up or giggle your way out of the conversation? Then there are the women whose significant others are painfully shy and uncomfortable talking about sex. Sexting can remedy that, leaving you both feeling freer to share things you might otherwise not.

It’s Like Virtual Foreplay…

How many married couples rave about their amazing sex lives and their long lovemaking sessions? Not many, sadly. Life gets busy between work, chores, and children and this often leads to sex getting squeezed in, leaving little time for much buildup. While quickies certainly have their place and men might not complain about them as much as women; women require a little more effort to get into the mood for sex and the more time they have to get into it, the better and smoother (literally) it’ll go. Sex texting gives you that much-needed anticipation and buildup to sex even when you’re short on time. It’s like virtual foreplay in that you can use the power of your words to get each other worked up and get those juices flowing so you’re raring to go by the time you get to bed. You can pretty much sext anytime and anywhere, making it perfect for busy couples who want to stay sexually connected.

Stimulation for Both…

It’s no secret that men tend to be more visually stimulated than women. A flash of a boob does for him what Fifty Shades of Grey does for you. Sexting appeals to both your tastes because it allows you to send a sexy picture to get him going and use words to get you going—and vice versa, of course. Whether you find suggestive words or images to be more arousing; sex texting can provide both, if you’re so bold.

It Can Help Spice Up/Keep Your Relationship Spicy…

All couples run the risk of falling into a rut in the bedroom. The longer we are together, the more comfortable we get, which unfortunately can lead to taking each other for granted and getting away from the things that we found so exciting at the start. Sex texting can help you spice things up and keep them that way because it offers a break from the norm and the opportunity to really put yourself out there like never before. You can use texts to show him that you’re thinking of him even when he’s not around and stroke his ego, making him feel good and appreciated. And it goes both ways, too.

It Lets You Have Sex When You Can’t Actually Have Sex…

There are times when having physical sex isn’t possible, like if one of you is dealing with an injury or illness, or just not wanting to because of the time of the month, or even because the in-laws are in town and staying in the next room. Sexting lets you get aroused and have virtual sex discreetly without actually having to get physical when you’re not able to, regardless of the reason. You can enjoy some shared sexual expression without even having to be in the same room, which also makes sexting especially beneficial to couples who are often apart because of work. Rather than going without that connection and stimulation, sex texting lets you stay sexually connected virtually, which is always better than nothing.

To sum it up…

As you can see, sex texting can be a good thing for your relationship. To get the most benefit from it, here are a few pointers:

  • Be respectful. Your partner may not be as comfortable with sexting or may find certain topics or words less-than-appealing. Be respectful of him and his wishes just as you’d want him to be in return. Starting with something not too suggestive to gauge his response is a good idea.
  • Be safe. The last thing you need is for your sexy text to end up in the wrong hands, so always double-check the telephone number or email address before you hit send.
  • Leave something to the imagination. Yes, sexting lets you put yourself out there and express things you might otherwise be too shy to, but to get the most out of it you want to be suggestive and enticing, which means leaving a little something to the imagination. The key is to build excitement.
  • Don’t make promises you can’t/won’t keep. It’s easy to suggest or agree to anything when you’re hiding behind your phone keys and your arousal is getting the better of you, but don’t say you’ll do something that you won’t be willing to follow through on when the time comes.

So the answer to the question, Is Sex Texting Good For Your Relationship is: With a little respect and imagination…and a mobile device…sex texting can be a great thing for your relationship!

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