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Finding a Man is a website dedicated to providing first class advice and information on all things pertaining to dating, love and relationships for women! Our mission is to empower women all around the world to feel confident in finding that guy who will spend every waking moment trying to show her just how much he cares and thinks of her.

It is our hope that you as a woman will read through all our articles and watch all our videos to gain a better understanding of why men do what they do and how they think and feel about relationships and what drives them to long term commitment.

Are you an older single women looking to find a good man to love and be loved by?  Have you tried everything in your power to attract a guy like using online dating sites, attending speed dating venues, trying out blind dates recommended by your closest friends and or co-workers?  Are you tired of not understanding what men want, how to flirt or get your boyfriend back?  The secrets to attracting men, understanding guys and knowing what men really want is now at your fingertips.

finding a man editor Paul Smith

My name is Paul Smith and I am a dating advisor providing women with expert advice on finding that relationship with a man that has eluded you up to now.  I write articles and provide products that will help you to learn what makes you more attractive to a man and how to get him to want you more than any other women he has met to date. By joining my mailing list and subscribing to my newsletter you will not only receive a free ebook but get dating advice and tips sent your inbox providing you with answers to your relationship questions and offers to other great products that will teach you how to find a good man and keep him wanting you over all the other single women out there.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea or what have you, sit back relax and start reading my tips for helping you get right relationship with that man of your dreams now!

Feel free to learn more about us by checking out our content and if you have any questions at all contact us.