How to Show a Guy You Like Him Without Being Overt

11th May 2015 4:11 am

how to get a guy to like youHave your sights set on a guy? Secretly longing to make him yours and live happily-ever-after and want him to know you like him without knowing quite that much? Smart move! Giving a guy the hint that you’re interested can go a long way in piquing his curiosity and getting him to stand up and take notice. The key is to do it without coming off as so obvious that you seem desperate, or even worse: creepy.

These tips tell you exactly how to show a guy you like him in ways that are subtle with just a hint of sexy.


Seriously, a smile really is worth a thousand words! And the right kind of smile can shake a guy to his very core and get him to take notice of you and the good possibility that you’re interested. You want to make eye contact when you smile and hold his gaze for a moment. Think coy and sexy when it comes to your eyes and smile. A good key is to keep eyes and lips relaxed as opposed to opening your eyes wide and grinning from ear to ear. You want to flirt with your smile, not freak him out. Bonus tip: Bite your bottom lip lightly as you smile; it looks hot and helps keep you from smiling too big.

Go ahead and touch him…

Now, don’t get all randy and touch him inappropriately, of course. This isn’t about tacky moves like a butt pinch or grab, but rather “accidentally” brushing against him as you walk past or lingering a little longer when you greet him with a hug. Any opportunity to throw in some subtle physical contact should be taken advantage of. Some other useful moves include putting your hand on his hand, arm, or even knee while you speak. It should feel very natural so don’t do it unless you’re sure you can slip it in comfortably.

Lean in for a close chat…

Loud music or a boisterous gathering can be your best friend when it comes to this tip! Leaning in close when you speak creates an immediate sense of intimacy and gives you the opportunity to stir up a little something in him. Whisper in his ear or press your body against him as you move in close to speak. A noisy background allows you to be a close talker in a way that’s very natural and acceptable. Want to get him to lean into you? Try speaking softly so that he has to come in closer to hear what you’re saying. Works like a charm every time!

Stroke his ego.

A sure-fire way how to show a guy you like him is to compliment him. Sure, a compliment doesn’t always express interest, but men aren’t used to receiving compliments so he’ll pick up on your possible interest right away. Being complimented will also make him feel good and guys like to be around women who make them feel good about themselves. You can compliment him on something like his shirt or on an accomplishment or skill—bonus if you let him help you with something because he’s good at it, like a home improvement or solving a problem.

Laugh at his jokes…

This is right up there with stroking his ego and making him feel good. Sharing a laugh is always a great way to bond with someone, and when it’s a joke that he’s told makes it even better. He’ll feel good about being able to make you laugh and believing that you think he’s funny, and laughing shows that you’re fun to be with and have a sense of humor, which is something men love. It’s a win-win!

Use body language…

Your body language goes a long way in showing a guy how you feel. Avoid any sort of body language that can appear standoffish, like crossed arms or leaning away. Mimic his gestures to show your interest in him and what he’s saying. Think about ways to flirt using your body, like twirling your hair as you speak to him or gently caressing your neck or just above your chest while looking at him.

Offer to help…

Does he have a new place that he’s decorating and clueless about where to shop or what to buy? Is he new to the area and in need of a tour of the local hotspots? If there’s an opportunity to help him with anything from finding a new barber to learning French, offer your help. It shows that you’re interested in what he’s doing and care enough to want to help. Wowing him with your ability to help him with a problem is an added perk.

To sum it up…

When it comes to finding ways how to show a guy you like him, you want to do things that appear very natural and subtle as opposed to contrived and obvious. Ideally, while expressing your interest subtly, you also want to make him interested in you, which is why these tips all work so well. Not only do you get to express your interest in a way that’s sexy and sweet, but you’re also using behavior that makes you more appealing in the process. A guy can’t resist a woman who knows how to make him feel good and that’s something that all of these tips have in common: they make him feel great about himself while bringing to light how great you are.

Don’t let your fear of looking “desperate” or “needy” push you into coming off as completely uninterested, closed off, or even bitchy. Just relax and enjoy the process while using these tips to show him you’re interested while drawing him to you.

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